Commercial Excavation Services in Philadelphia

When you begin a large scale commercial or industrial project, chances are you will need to move and clear land to begin the construction of the building. Hiring a professional excavation company with years of experience is crucial to ensure your project is completed safely, on time and within your budget. With over 50 years of industry experience, JJD offers a wide variety of commercial excavation services for projects of all sizes. Available throughout Philadelphia, Delaware County PA, South Jersey and Delaware, when you hire JJD for your excavation needs you’ll receive highly trained & capable contractors working with modern, state-of-the-art equipment. For more information on our commercial excavation services, call our office today at 610-364-2110.

Expert Commercial Excavation Services

Clearing Land: The most common form of excavation, clearing land consists of moving rock debris and trees so the site can be leveled. Land clearing is vital to repair drain issues, install underground utilities and begin to lay the building’s foundation.

Damaged Pipes: If the underground utilities in your building need repair or upgrades, commercial excavation services are necessary. After excavating the land, our contractors are able to reach and fix the damaged lines or pipes.

Drainage Solutions: Consistent pooling of water around the foundation of your building means you have a drainage issue. Improper draining causes damage to the foundation and safety issues. In order to fix the problem, the professionals at JJD will excavate the land then install pipes to direct water away from the foundation.

Foundation Security: Proper land planning is crucial for all construction projects. The expert excavator contractors at JJD will ensure the land will support the foundation you’re planning to build.

Trench Shoring: This commercial excavation service is essential for underground utilities installation purposes. Trench shoring ensures the walls are strong and prevent any future collapses.

Industrial Excavation & Sitework Company

JJD offers a full range of commercial excavation services including demolition, foundation preparation, sewer and water line construction and much more. Family owned & operated, JDD was founded in South Philadelphia over 50 years ago. We proudly serve the community and deliver the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency in every project we manage and complete. When you hire JDD for your excavation and sitework needs, you’ll get a dedicated crew and project manage who ensures deadlines and budgets are met. We strive for excellence in every service we provide. To see how JDD can help with your next commercial or industrial project, call 610-364-2110.


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