Land Grading & Excavation Services

Site or land grading is the process in which we prepare terrain for the development of a commercial or residential construction. A project of this magnitude must be left in the hands of a professional, full service excavation company, as it is the first and most important step in your entire construction project. The project managers & excavators of JJD have many years of experience in surveying, investigating, designing and executing the proper shape and elevation of a particular worksite. The proper execution of site grading & excavation not only ensures you’re ready to build, but also manages the water drainage system. With over 50 years of experience, trust JJD for your land grading and excavation project in Philadelphia, Delaware County PA, South Jersey and Delaware.

Rough & Final Land Grading Solutions

There are two stages in the land grading process, starting with rough grading then final grading, each serving their own very important purpose. Rough grading refers to moving and shifting the dirt in order to make drastic changes to the terrain. It is in this first step that proper water draining solutions are established. After the required drainage has been put into place, final grading begins, which is more precise. During the final land grading process, we’ll smooth out the land at the proper slopes and ensure the dirt is compacted in preparation for construction to begin.

Commercial Land Leveling & Draining

Since the proper elevations and direction of the flow of water are nearly impossible to detect with the untrained eye, it is vital that you hire a professional company with many years of experience for your project. If not set up properly from the beginning, you’ll experience flooding and draining issues around the foundation of your building that will lead to devastating and costly problems in the future. Prevent these vital mistakes by calling JJD for your commercial land leveling and draining solutions. Established in Philadelphia over 50 years ago, we have built a reputation on superior service and expert solutions in all areas of excavation and land grading services.

As a 3rd generation family owned business, we’ve proudly built as extensive portfolio of clients and completed thousands of successful excavation projects. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to maintain strong relationships with top developers and general contractors in the greater Philadelphia area. At JJD, we guarantee the quality work and dedication you need to complete large and small projects alike on time and within budget.


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