Sanitary & Water Main Systems Excavation Philadelphia

JJD provides designing, new installation and repair services for all underground utilities including sanitary, water main and storm systems. The water main and sanitary systems in your commercial property are vital to the entire infrastructure of your building. When pipes deteriorate, crack or get backed up, it can cause a costly, and often disgusting, problems. New installations and repairs to these delicate systems should only be handled by a trusted, professional and highly experienced excavation company. JJD has over 50 years of experience in the excavation industry and has worked with commercial and industrial projects of all sizes from institutions to hospitals, casinos, retail spaces and more.

Water Main & Sewer System Trench Excavation

Excavating the land for a water main, sewer or storm system is a delicate process that takes a skilled contractor to plan and execute. In order to ensure the safety of the worksite, standing structure and our crew, our project managers carefully consider the soil type, water saturation, depth, weather and surrounding conditions when designing the excavation the project. The JJD project managers will design and strategize the entire scope of the project to ensure all systems are compliant, safe and structurally sound. Our ultimate goal is to ensure we can prevent future backups and water main breaks from occurring. At JJD, we complete all of our contracted sitework and excavation above industry standards and with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency.

Full Service Water & Sanitary System

The skilled excavation contractions of JJD deliver the highest level of expertise to every commercial and industrial project we manage. As a full service excavation company, we deliver a wide range of services for storm, sanitary and water mail systems. We can design, plan and install new systems in commercial building foundations, using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art machinery. For existing structures, our skilled crew can repair or replace deteriorated, cracked, misaligned or outdated pipes. Well-maintained water and sanitary systems can help to prevent blockages and water main breaks. JJD’s full service storm, water and sanitary system installation, repair and maintenance services are available in Philadelphia, Delaware County PA, South Jersey and Delaware.

JJD has been a trusted excavating company in Philadelphia for over 50 years. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, resources and experience, we can tackle any excavation project with ease. Whether it is underground utility installation, demolition or concrete & paving solutions, JJD is prepared to provide these services well above industry standards. To discuss your project, call our office at 610-364-2110 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable representative.


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