Sitework Excavation Services Philadelphia

Before you can lay foundation, underground utility lines or build the walls of your new commercial structure, the very first thing you must do is prepare the worksite. In this first and most critical step in the building process, the excavation company you hire must ensure the working surface is stable and clear of debris before any construction begins. With over 50 years of excavation and commercial site preparation experience, JJD will make sure your commercial or industrial project gets a safe & proper start. Equipped with a full fleet of heavy machinery equipment, experienced project managers and highly trained excavation contractors, we’ll ensure your sitework preparation services are completed on time and within budget.

Commercial Site Preparation

You do not want to cut corners when it comes to the sitework excavation company you hire for your project. Our highly experienced project managers understand how critical this step is to the overall success of construction. No matter what kind of earth you build on, it will eventually move and change due to weather, freezing/thawing and erosion. If the dirt is not properly prepared during the sitework excavation process, the entire building is susceptible to structural damage. However, when you hire the expert contractors of JJD for commercial site preparation, we’ll ensure you end up with durable land, ready to hold the weight of any size structure!

Full Service Industrial Sitework Preparation

Worksite preparation goes beyond just clearing the land. As a full service excavation company, JJD ensures your worksite is completely ready for the construction of your building. Full service commercial worksite preparation concludes with land that has been planned, permitted, subdivided, cleared, graded and fully prepared to immediately begin construction on the new foundation. With a full fleet of state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and technology, our excavation contractors and project managers will create a level, tightly compacted and highly stable surface for any scale commercial or industrial building. JJD has successfully completed worksite excavation projects for institutions, hospitals, office buildings, retail spaces and more.

At JJD, our contractors, project managers and operators ensure sitework and excavation is completed above industry standards, with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency. All of our services from excavation through site preparation, demolition, underground utility installation and more are available throughout Philadelphia, Delaware County PA, South Jersey and Delaware. To discuss your upcoming commercial or industrial project, call 610-364-2110 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representative.


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