Soil Stabilization Services in PA

When planning a new commercial development project, the very first step before land clearing or breaking ground is to ensure the subgrade is capable of enduring heavy loads. Many times, you will find that the land and soil quality are not ideal for the weight of your new structure. Whether that is because it contains too much moisture or lack of compaction, soil stabilization services are an important and necessary step in the development and construction process. JJD, a full service excavation company, employs expert soil stabilization methods to strengthen the land in preparation of breaking ground. Stabilization services are available at worksites in Philadelphia, Delaware County PA, South Jersey and Delaware.

Soil Stabilization Methods

In its most basic terms, soil stabilization enhances the physical makeup of soil, strengthening it and helping to control shrinking/swelling due to moisture and temperature. Employing the proper soil stabilization methods ensure the land is capability of holding all of the weight of your structure for many years to come. Each member of the JJD crew is highly trained and experienced in state-of-the-art soil stabilization methods, equipment and chemical knowledge. The most common and effective applications include soil enhancement, dewatering, compacting and product distribution. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology, JJD is able to transform the existing soil conditions & turn it into a highly stable, durable foundation for the construction of your project.

Topsoil Stabilizing Capabilities

Every ground stabilizing project is different and comes with its own set of unique challenges. Our project managers expertly evaluate and assess the land to come up with a specialized plan, which we execute to the highest degree of expertise. Our portfolio includes an extensive list of clients with varying degrees of capabilities. We are well equipped to handle chemical stabilization, soil modification, state/county roadways, multi-acre soil stabilization projects and much more. JJD owns a fleet of industry leading machinery and technology. If a different piece of equipment is needed, we have unlimited resources to rented equipment to meet the needs of any size project.

Without proper methods or experience in stabilization, structures can face devastating and costly foundation failure. JJD is a 3rd generation family owned & operated business with a pristine reputation. We are proud to have been trusted to work on some of the largest construction projects in the greater Philadelphia area. Call 610-364-2110 to discuss how our excavation, demolition, land clearing and stabilizing services can set your construction project up for success.


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